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Fenway Park Would Be An Awesome Place To Stage A Hockey Game…No One Denies This!

fenway-park-hockeyGary Bettman, in his infinite wisdom, has benevolently given the go-ahead the city of Boston to begin preparations to host next year’s Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, despite executive vice president Charlie Jacobs insistence via statement that no deal has been reached.

“Contrary to published reports, at this time we have not finalized plans for a Bruins game at Fenway Park on New Year’s Day. It is no secret that I would love to bring the Winter Classic to the city of Boston – and I have been working with the NHL to consider a number of venues in the area. We believe we are close to accomplishing this. Bruins fans deserve to have an outdoor game, and we hope to deliver one to them in the near future.”

Originally, it was believed that the Bruins would host the Montreal Canadiens in Fenway, but it now appears that the Washington Capitals along with Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player Alexander Ovechkin are set to invade the historic confines of 4 Yawkey Way.

Fenway would definitely sell-out for the event. Many design issues remain, however. Primarily how do they intend to set up Fenway to be hockey friendly? Initial reports seem to indicate that Boston will follow Chicago’s lead and follow the design plans implemented for last year’s Winter Classic at Wrigley Field.

Another question remains – how will Fenway go about distributing tickets. As you may recall, controversy reared its ugly head last year in Chicago (i.e. who gets first crack at purchasing tickets?). As a public service, Sportress of Blogitude would like to assist the friendly folks who operate Fenway solve this dilemma.

As mentioned above, since a seating chart hasn’t been decided (or anything else, for that matter), S.O.B. will utilize the Fenway Park seating chart for baseball as a jumping off point. Just imagine the rink being oriented similar to how it is shown in the above illustration.


Seats To Be Installed In Left Field: Drunk rich people, celebrities and NHL brass

Blue Seats: Drunk, awkwardly dancing white guys

Yellow Seats: Drunk Boston Bruins season ticket holders

Red Seats: Drunk frat guys sporting Dropkick Murphys hooded sweatshirts

Green Seats: Drunk pizza throwers

Purple Seats: Drunk minorities (because everyone in Boston is racist – that’s important to remember)

I think that essentially solves it. No need to thank me. It’s what I do.

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