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The Morning Bowl: If It Were Up To Me, I Would Have Stuck With Brett Favre

bowl-smoking• The estimable MJD reports that Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu are rumored to be the honored cursed NFL players that will grace  the upcoming Madden cover.  Two people on the cover? Well that’s just kooky talk. [Shutdown Corner]

• Former soccer player Teddy Sheringham wants men to check their balls. No word on whether he wants you to juggle them as he watches.  [Total Pro Sports]

• Talk about creative! Capitals Kremlin take an irreverent look at NHL mascots. Hmm, where have I seen that before? [Capitals Kremlin via NHL Fanhouse]

• The Trojan marching band on House pulling an April Fool’s joke? That makes them the Ashton Kutchers of, um, college marching bands. Pretty sure that’s not a compliment. [The Fabulous Forum]