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So, We’re Supposed To Just Sit Here Sober In This Crappy Stadium And Watch Baseball? That Sounds Pretty Lame

drunk_jays_fanThe Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has shut down alcohol consumption in Rogers Centre for three events, including in the clubhouses, beginning with last night’s game between the Blue Jays and the Tigers.

The Commission has finally had enough with the drunken shenanigans that have been occurring at Blue Jays and Argonauts games going all the way back to the 2007 Grey Cup. Since then, five separate violations have been documented and the Commission has decided now is the time to swing the mighty banhammer. Blue Jays starter and North Vancouver native Scott Richmond had this to say about the ban: “I don’t think too many Canadians are going to be happy about that.”

Ya think? Look at the big brain on Scott!

According the the article on

The penalty was handed down by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, which treated the Rogers Centre as it would any small restaurant or bar serving alcohol. The two parties traded various dates before settling on the punishment.

There were a handful of fights in the crowd of 48,027 during Monday’s home opener and play was delayed for nine minutes after fans threw two baseballs toward Detroit outfielders Josh¬†Anderson and Curtis¬†Granderson.

“That’s good,” Anderson said of the ban. “These people can’t handle it.”

And here I believed all this time Canadians that were such polite and well-mannered folks.

To make sure ticket holders were aware of the situation, signs were posted at entrances to the stadium which informed fans why boozing it up during the game was not to be last night. Among the violations listed:

  1. Permit drunkenness
  2. Permit use of narcotics
  3. Sell or serve to an apparent minor
  4. Fail to request approved ID
  5. Permit illegal liquor on premises

I’m sure that made the news much easier to swallow. Nothing like a big informative sign to curb the symptoms associated with Delirium tremens.

Now come on, Torontonians, don’t give Chipper Jones any more ammo. The guy is a total douche. Let’s try to be on your best behavior from here on out.

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