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PGA Tour’s Ben Crane’s sinister mustache game is strong, devious (photo)

Ben Crane is competing in the Zurich Open this week and he’s got some pretty sinister-looking facial hair that just might intimidate his fellow competitors.

Rickie Fowler, who is Crane’s cohort in the Golf Boys  (a new track — and video — from the “boy band,” by the way, has been far too long-awaited), posted a photo to Instagram of Crane rocking a spectacular, but strangely devious-looking soup-strainer.

It’s unclear what role the bowling pins have to do what’s going on in the photo, but one thing is for certain: Odds are these two are up to no good.

Simply put, it’s a fantastic example of mustache work, to be sure. It’s quasi-Salvador Dali-esque, with a little soul patch thrown in there for good measure. Had Crane rounded out the ‘stache with some chin hair, he’d be a spiting image of Anton Lavey. You know, minus the Satanism.

[H/T Eye on Golf]