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Grown-ass man cries, breaks down after seeing Kobe Bryant in China (video)

If there was any doubt that Kobe Bryant was as worshiped, admired and adored in the Far East as he is on this side of the planet, look no further than this video which shows the effect the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s mere presence had on one man in China.

Bryant, who is on a tour of China for Nike for something or other, attracted masses of humanity wherever he went, be it Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xi’An or Shanghai, all stops on his trek across the massive country.

But one man in particular was moved to a point generally accepted as a no-go for a grown-ass man. He wept, apparently not only when he saw Kobe Bryant, but afterward when he was explaining his emotional experience with the media.

Via Dime Magazine:

Simmer down now, guy. I wonder what this guy’s reaction would be if someone showed him the racy photos Kobe recently uploaded of his wife Vanessa in a bikini. No, seriously, I wonder what his reaction would be.

According to The Nanfang Insider (by way of Beyond the Buzzer), the Crying Man’s comments were translated as follows: “After seeing Kobe I was overcome with excitement. I couldn’t stop crying. I kept crying.”

And kept crying he did. In fact, I wonder if this guy is still crying.

All I know is that little girl behind him — who doesn’t appear to be too impressed with his overwrought histrionics — probably is thinking, “Come on, man. You’re a grown-ass man, for crying out loud. Grow a pair.”