Erin Andrews tweets pic revealing bruise from taking ‘a line drive to the face’ (pic)


FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews, much like she was in 2012 (above), is on-hand at Citi Field to cover all the festivities surrounding the 2013 edition of the annual Midsummer Classic, and unfortunately for her, it looks like she’ll have a bruising reminder of her time spent around all those batted balls and baseball-related activities, in the shape of a nasty welt located under the right-half of her chin.

Tweeting “1st time to Citi Field since covering Manny’s return from steriod suspension & then I took a line drive to the face,” here’s the gnarly image of the consequences of the ball-to-the-face contact (via @ErinAndrews):


Ouch! Not her beautiful face! Who was the individual who perpetrated such a heinous act? Identify yourself!

As For the Win noted, the uploaded image garnered Miss Andrews plenty of sympathy on Twitter, save for one snarky response from the company that presumably made the baseball that hit her, indicating one of their many other baseball-related products may have served her well:

Uh, zing?

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  1. Dee A

    July 17, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    The line drive happened in 2009 but not All Star Game! Fans that know her understood tweet but those like above &USASports read it wrong! USA said it happened at the game! Made us wonder if they are sports page “why” they didn’t know the game was that night! Also Manny isn’t in MLB right now so no sports publication caught that at all! As soon as she was aware of the mistake Erin tweeted wasn’t today!

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