Oh dear: Bryce Harper tweets about weather while driving 40 mph (photo)


Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper may be young but that doesn’t mean he has the right to conduct himself in irresponsible, potentially dangerous, ways.

By all indications, a photo offered up by Harper on Twitter to illustrate the balmy temperature on Friday appeared to be tweeted while he was driving his car at 40 mph. Or at the very least, the photo was taken while he was driving.

That ain’t good.

Via @Bharper3407:

Now, there is no need to get all huffy and preachy about it and castigate Harper over his careless indiscretion, but in light of how many people are injured and even killed on the nation’s highways from distracted driving due to people irresponsibly texting, posting and otherwise needlessly operating their smartphones while driving, my guess is this is a tweet that Harper wishes he could take back.

Perhaps this mistake can be treated as a learning moment for Harper and in turn, the young man can utilize it and have it become a teaching moment for his many young fans.

[H/T For The Win]

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  1. chris

    May 11, 2013 at 1:18 am

    So let me get this right,..this idiot found this to be a story and decided to be stupid enough to make an article about it? I mean really, find a new hobby and get off the kids back. Wow he was flying to at 38 mph!, and took a picture! a sin! Get off the kids back and quit trying to make it sound so horrid. Leave the kid alone and put more time into finding an article to write about with substance instead of an article just to get some hits.

    • chris

      May 11, 2013 at 1:31 am

      Not to mention Rowan obviously dose not know how to read a speedometer…..
      “that ain’t good”
      Really?? You have idiot kids with tons of money doing the dumbest of things and you are gonna make this sound THAT bad? Are you even living in 2013? I’ll tell you what ” ain’t good” the fact that idiot writers try to find anything they can to write about. The pure fact is if you had more polish about yourself an article like this would have never made it out of your thoughts,..but we know different don’t we?

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