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Funny or Die’s Ryan Lochte spoof blurs line between self-parody and mockery (video)

In light of Ryan Lochte’s extensive catalog of demonstrations of outright derpness, some that appear to be intentional, such as this previous Funny or Die video, others that appear unintentional and mind-numbingly ridiculous, such as the time when he said he wants to be the next Kim Kardashian, it’s difficult to ascertain to what extent Lochte is aware that oftentimes, the line between self-parody and overt, unrealized mockery can be somewhat blurred.

In any event, Funny or Die’s most recent foray into Lochte’s “Jeahism” is an amusing one, no matter which side of the line it falls on. And if it is mockery, whether or not Lochte possesses the self-awareness to understand it.

The video is a parody commercial for “Pool Water,” Lochte’s new cologne, which not surprisingly given its name, is simply chlorinated pool water. Kind of like Cool Water cologne, I guess, but different.

Ryan Lochte’s ‘Pool Water’ from Ryan Lochte

Good stuff. If only we knew what was the intent behind the spoof and if Lochte understands that with every move he makes, self-parody becomes an exercise in self-fulfilling mockery of the doofus public persona he has created. Or, if it is possible this is who he really is. I mean, have you seen his reality show?