Fans in China keep picking up Michael Phelps’ golf balls at event (video)


When Olympics legend Michael Phelps isn’t busy taking batting practice with the Baltimore Orioles or hanging out with his attractive new girlfriend, he is busy filming episodes of his tutelage under renowned golf instructor Hank Haney for the Golf Channel series, The Haney Project.

During a recent episode, the cameras captured footage of an appearance by Phelps at a golf event in China. Apparently, in the Far East — or at least at this particular event — some overeager fans were clearly unaware that it isn’t appropriate to scoop up a player’s golf ball off the course during play.

Jeez, that has to be frustrating, right? But it looks like Phelps managed to maintain his sense of humor about the situation, having a bit of a chuckle about it.

It certainly seems that thanks to Haney’s instruction, Michael Phelps’ golf game is slowly evolving — and it sure looked like he had some adequate skills on the course before going under Haney’s wing — all he needs is for fans to stop picking up his darn ball, for Pete’s sake.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]

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  1. Mexoplex

    March 21, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Yeah, that would make me mad. Surely they know it’s bad form to interrupt a game like that? Why would you want a golf ball hit by a world champion swimmer? that like getting a NFL football signed by Jeff Gordon.
    Glad Phelps is taking it in stride.

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