Here’s some photos of Paulina Gretzky following Dustin Johnson around Kapula


First off, no, the above image is not of Paulina Gretzky lounging on a blanket near a greenside bunker of Kapalua’s Plantation Course while watching her new boyfriend Dustin Johnson win the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. That would be ridiculous. She’s not even wearing sunglasses and that outfit might be a bit too risque for a PGA Tour event, for Pete’s sake.

Nope, instead, it’s simply an exercise in pandering in order to whet SoB readers’ ogling appetites. Or whatever.

But moving on, as was discussed earlier this week here at SoB, Miss Paulina Gretzky appears to be dating the pro golfer. And now we have photographic evidence that she was in fact following Dustin Johnson around the paradisaical, tropical (and windy) course this week. Photos snapped of her traipsing about Kapula follow.

paulina-gretzky-kapula-2 Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Final Round

You know how I mentioned above how the outfit in the first photo might be too risque for a PGA Tour tournament? Scratch that. Who knows? Perhaps she rocked that photo as well.

[H/T TBL, images via Golf Digest, HuffPo]

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  1. Upstate Underdog

    January 10, 2013 at 10:24 am

    I’d be clutching my heart to like that old guy if I was walking behind her. Seriously, I think that guy is going into cardiac arrest and who could blame him.

  2. Wowser

    January 23, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    WOw…if she walked by when I was lumbering around Kapalua, I too would have about dropped dead of a heart attack. With those flimsy flip-flops, doubt she got too far around Kapalua, problaby just to the 18th hole. I’d volunteer to carry her around the course though!

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