Those MMA Fans Rex Ryan Flipped Off? They’ll Be There When The Jets Play In Miami

And would you like to know the lengths these insulted individuals are willing to go in order to satisfy their desire for vengeance for when Rex Ryan flipped them the bird at that MMA fight in Miami way back in January? Hold on to your seats, kids, because these guys not only think that revenge is a dish best served cold, it should also be done in person so one can see the look in the enemy’s eyes at the exact moment when they know they are moments away from being vanquished.

That’s right. Both David Hildenbrand and Daniel Convers, the victims of Rex Ryan’s vulgar hand gesture, both intend to be in attendance at Sun Life Stadium when the Jets come to town to take on the Dolphins on Sunday night. And you’ll never guess what they have in mind.

They’re going to boo Rex Ryan. Mercilessly. But they plan on not just booing Coach Ryan, but the entire Jets team. These guys are insane, I tells ya! Oh, man. It’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Via the New York Post:

“I do plan on attending the game, but to cheer for my team and to boo the Jets, not any individual person,” David Hildenbrand, who took the picture of Ryan in January, told . “It doesn’t necessarily matter that the Jets are playing, I’ll boo any team Miami is playing.”

Wow. Obsess much? Jeez guys, let it go already. It was just a middle finger, guys. Booing people. Sheesh. What kind of sicko does that? Get a grip and get over it.

‘Finger’ fans ready for Rex in Miami: report [New York Post]

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  1. Terrel

    December 23, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    They are going to boo the coach?!! What kind of animals would do that?
    The coach was just flipping them off for fun, no big deal, but to boo this coach in retalliation is going too far. These guys are going to emotionally and physicaly destroy Rex Ryan by booing him.

    I really hope these guys get arrested for booing the opposing team at a football game and get thrown into jail where they will get sodomized until they die and then spend the rest of eternity burning in hell!!!
    Flipping someone off is okay, we all do it, but booing another person is just disgusting and inhuman!

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