Steve Nash Brings The Funny In New Vitaminwater Ad

“Stay goofy, my friends.”

Big ups to the gang over at BDL for discovering this wonderful little parody by vitaminwater of those “Most Interesting Man In The World” Dos Equis ads, starring the funniest man in the NBA (and maybe, the world?), Steve Nash, in “The Most Ridiculous Man In The World.”

This isn’t the first time vitaminwater has had their “unique-looking” spokesperson act silly for an ad.

You may recall Steve Nash doing his best Shamwow pitchman imitation last year.

Brilliant. I’m telling you, Steve Nash might be ready to be the next big thing in Hollywood. Look out Martin Lawrence!

And if there are any concerns from agents that Steve Nash’s unconventional attractiveness may scare off Hollywood bigshots, have no fear. The late, great Marty  Feldman paved the way years ago. To wit:

The resemblance is terrifying. For real.

Video: Steve Nash is the Most Ridiculous Man in the World [Ball Don't Lie]

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  1. b. Lee

    February 11, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    You can find me in da juice pub
    Bottle full of V-Dub
    Look Mami I got the Triple X
    If you into taken drugs
    I’m into bein’ rich, I aint into makin’ love
    So don’t call me Seal unless you’re into gettin’ clubbed.

    Thank you.

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