If Nimrod Tishman Gets To Play For Florida, I Hope He Has The Time Of His Life

nimrod-tishmangreen_day_nimrodNimrod Tishman, a young Israeli phenom from…Israel, coincidentally, could begin classes at the University of Florida on Monday and join the Gators basketball team this fall – as long as the NCAA deems him eligible to play despite the fact he played for the club team Maccabi-Tel Aviv during high school, which could affect his amateur status.

Hardly groundbreaking news, but I had to comment on what a strange name he has – Nimrod. Apparently, a man named Nimrod was a Mesopotamian king that is mentioned in Genesis, so perhaps that is how he got his name. But when I  first saw it, I thought maybe this young man was named after the Green Day album. Then I realized that Nimrod wasn’t released until 1997, years after Mr. Tishman was born. I contacted Darren Daulton and he told me that he has never seen Tishman during his extensive travels within and throughout the time-space continuum, so there went my theory.

It seems there was little point to this post after all – at least in this particular version of reality. Creepy stuff, man.

NCAA to decide Tishman’s eligibility [ESPN]

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  1. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    August 25, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    If the NCAA doesn’t clear him, he’ll be Walking Alone. It might be Redundant to say this, but nothing says Reject like a basketball player that can’t play basketball.

  2. do

    August 27, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Nimrod is a very beutifull name popular in Israel
    it comes from the Bible. this was the name of a hunter
    the meaning in Hebrew is a rebel. Nimrod rebeled against his God
    I know all that cause i named him

    His dad

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